The Secluded Beaches of Long Island: The Best Kept Secret

While you’re exploring the 100 miles of Long Island, turning down just about any dirt or paved road will never fail to impress with a stunning secluded beach or cove at the end of it. You walk into a surreal scene you can hardly believe exists. It feels like another dimension of existence where peace and natural beauty reign. The water just keeps flowing and an enchanting feeling takes hold.

The unique beaches and coves are perfect for swimming, such as the natural pool enclosed by rock walls with a small opening to the sea that is protected from the ocean waves. These secluded locations are a romantic couple’s dream. With no one around most of the time, there’s hardly any need to worry about PDA here…but do keep an ear out for other oncoming beach loungers and fishers.

The beaches and coves are also fantastic for families with their calm and shallow water that are perfect for children to swim and run around. This paradise is your personal playground so enjoy, but please leave it as you found it.

Here on the island we appreciate that much of it has been untouched by people so we generally keep the best locations a secret until you come and visit. Then we will be happy to tell you the best locations to explore and experience. It can be considered a treasure hunt.

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